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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Foremost Group’s core values?

Honor, integrity, performance. Sometimes it's that simple. Our word is our bond.

Where is Foremost Group headquartered?

As an American company founded in 1964, Foremost Group was founded and remains headquartered in New York. It has additional offices in Austin, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Nagasaki.

What is Foremost Group's strategy?

As our Founder and Honorary Chairman, Dr. James S.C. Chao, always said, "Foremost does not necessarily aspire to be the biggest, but we do strive to be the best." This remains our guiding principle which inspires us when we come to work every day.

We believe in the long-term, so strong relationships with the parties with whom we contract, including charterers, banks, shipyards and others, are paramount. Foremost Group only works with well-known charterers with first-class reputations.

How big is Foremost Group’s fleet?

Foremost Group’s fleet is comprised of some of the largest modern, eco-friendly ships in the world. The fleet is approximately 5 million metric tons deadweight, transporting more than 15 million tons of goods per year.

What is dry bulk shipping?

Dry bulk shipping is the carriage of unpackaged goods such as grains, soybeans, iron ore, coal and other similar products.

How old is Foremost Group?

Foremost was founded in 1964 in New York City as Foremost Maritime Corporation. It was expanded to Foremost Group consistent with the Company’s growth.

Who are Foremost Group’s clients?

Foremost Group serves blue-chip clients around the world, including Fortune 500 and leading international companies, who are seeking the safe, reliable and efficient transportation of their products.

Where does Foremost Group order ships?

Foremost ensures the highest-quality service by exclusively operating ships that have been built to its higher specifications. Foremost never operates previously owned ships.

Foremost Group has built ships at leading shipyards around the world and its current order book includes shipyards in Japan and elsewhere.

For many years, Foremost Group has incorporated eco-friendly designs and technology in its fleet which includes some of the world’s largest and most advanced bulk carriers.

Where do Foremost Group’s ships trade?

Foremost charters its ships out to some of the leading companies in the world, and it is the charterers who determine what cargoes the ships carry and where they load and discharge.

What is Foremost Group’s environmental policy?

Foremost Group's policy is to ship cargo in an expeditious and cost-effective way while ensuring i) safety at sea, ii) prevention of human injury, and iii) avoidance of damage to the ship, its cargo, or the environment. The Company believes in protecting and preserving the marine environment and has always been on the forefront of ordering and maintaining eco-friendly ships to accomplish that goal.

Foremost is always investing and reinvesting in the newest eco-friendly designs and technologies, maintaining a young fleet of ships for over 30 years. For example, Foremost Group pioneered a ship design which moved the fuel oil tanks from the bottom of the ship to the upper wing tanks in order to avoid any oil pollution in the event of a grounding or other similar incident.

How does Foremost achieve a sound safety, environmental and quality performance?

In order to achieve sound safety, environmental and quality performance, Foremost Group has established, documented, implemented and maintains a Safety Management System (SMS) that encompasses the requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and ensures compliance with rules, regulations, applicable codes, guidelines and industry standards as established by the International Maritime Organization, relevant Classification Societies, Flag Administrations and other organizations.

Which Classification Societies is Foremost Group’s fleet classed with?

Foremost Group’s fleet are classed with the American Bureau of Shipping or Bureau Veritas.

Can I hire Foremost to ship goods for me?

Foremost works with well-known charterers with first-class reputations. Foremost ships do not ship containers of goods or any wet goods like oil or gas.

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