Media Recognition · January 20, 2022

Foremost Group Chair and CEO Angela Chao Featured in LEADERS Magazine

NEW YORK, NY – January 20, 2022 – Foremost Group Chair and CEO Angela Chao was recently featured in LEADERS Magazine as part of its coverage of distinguished Women Leaders. In the profile, Ms. Chao discusses Foremost Group’s history, operations and track record as a leading dry bulk shipping company. She also touches on the Company’s culture and values, and what she sees as the hallmarks of effective leadership. Key excerpts from the interview are below, with the full section regarding Ms. Chao available online here.

“I believe the keys to effective leadership are the same elements that underpin most successful business endeavors: subject matter expertise, attention to detail, clear articulation of goals and values, proper long-term planning, effective risk management, openness to innovation, and the cultivation and retention of good people. … My inspiration has always been my father’s leadership which is based on a clear set of values that emphasize service to others and contributing to society.”

“In addition, as a woman executive in a male-dominated industry, I’m something of an outsider which gives me a fairly unique perspective. I’m not afraid to think outside the box, or to look for talent outside traditional models of industry recruitment. Gender diversity has always been a priority. We are proud that approximately half of our onshore staff are women. In my experience, I have found that having more voices representing a diversity of backgrounds and opinions at the table delivers the best outcomes.”

The full LEADERS Magazine issue for January, February & March 2022 is available here:

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